Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sex, Booze and Drugs

Hope that got your attention. It is actually the title of chapter 5 of the book The Economics of Public Issues. There have been some recent news items that touch on some of the issues raised in this chapter.

One has to do with methamphetamines. It is now getting even easier to make it yourself. Read New formula has junkies mixing their own drugs.

Another is the issue of what actually ends up in illegal narcotics. Sometimes cocaine contains rat poison. Not much you can do about that if you are a customer. You can't complain to the police. Now there is something new going into cocaine that you probably don't want. The article Tainted cocaine kills 3, sickens dozens says:

"Nearly a third of all cocaine seized in the United States is laced with a dangerous veterinary medicine — a livestock de-worming drug that might enhance cocaine's effects but has been blamed in at least three deaths and scores of serious illnesses."

And Russia is trying to get its citizens to drink less through govenment programs. It is not working well, just like prohibition in the USA during the 1920s, which was also discussed in the article. Read Russia president takes out after alcohol.

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Anonymous said...

Drugs appear to give the people that use them Major incentives. Opportunity Cost is focused practically into one area. They would rather get High on cocaine all day, at the expense of doing anything else. Money constraints tend to stop them temporarily. Most of them end up find ways to enjoy the high at another's expense( stealing). Its amazing that something has the ability to control the mind in such manner.