Monday, January 25, 2010

Is It Hard For A Successful, Well Educated Women To Find Mr. Right?

This question was raised in a recent Wall Street Journal article called The Right Man Is Getting Harder to Find. It seems like there are just not enough well educated, high income men around. One woman, who is a telecommunications project manager, said "I've found a lot of Mr. Almosts, but I can't find Mr. Right." Here is what happens when she meets a guy:
"When she brings men back to her very nice, four-bedroom home, they often comment about her success. A few flat-out say they're uncomfortable with her salary advantage, education advantage (master's degree), or both."

Here are some interesting facts mentioned in the article:

-There's been a 145% rise in unmarried births among college-educated women since 1980more than twice the increase in such births among women without college educations.

-22% of men with "some college" are now outearned by their wives, up from 4% in 1970.

-In situations where there are fewer women than men, you see long-term monogamy

-nearly 58% of all bachelor's degrees and 62% of associate's degrees are earned by women. (men take advantage of this situation)

-colleges accept some male applicants who are not really qualified to prevent a gender imbalance. (college men seem to take advantage of this situation and like having all those women around)

-80% of the jobs lost in the recession were held by men.


veronica velez said...

I think this is a cool article. I think that education empowers a women to not just fall for whatever Tom, Dick, or Harry that says she's beautiful. If she is educated, she takes pride in who she is and begins to really know who she is. I think that the education has contributed to it, but also the maturity. They have had the opportunity to experience things and live through other peoples experiences, helping them determine what they would like to capture in a relationship for themselves. Unfortunately, as we get older, and look for perfection in a partner or spouse, it may be rarer to find because of the time we have had to formulate this long list of must haves. Which could be why so many educated unmarried women choose to have children. It seems easier to do it alone and "accomplish" it than to wait to find that perfect mate.

Anonymous said...

There probably isn't a such thing as a perfect mate. In the event an Educated woman wants to live life alone, then that should be perfectly fine. When Egos come into play over Salary, it is practically nonsense. All the list of must haves for those women are most from some fantasy life that they've probably seen on tv or read in a book. The idea is not to fall for any Tom, Dick or Harry, but find a life partner that makes you happy simply by having the necessities in life. I also read somewhere, that Utility maximization comes at around 50k and it doesn't matter much after. IF you Educated women want to be alone, you do have the right.

Cyril Morong said...

Thanks to both of you for dropping by and commenting. Where did you read that about utility and 50k?