Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Are The Best And Worst College Majors?

See College Degree Winners and Losers. The criteria included "...what's hot and what's not with with HR recruiters...salary data, job security, and employment projections for different college degrees and careers."

The top 5 were:

1. Finance
2. Business
3. Medical Assisting (Associate's Degree)
4. Information Technology
5. Nursing

The bottom 5 were:

1. Social Work
2. Horticulture
3. Art
4. Athletic Training
5. Music

Economists assume that people maximize their utiltiy. It is possible that you might end up with more utility if you major in art if you enjoy being an artist. Also, in the future, the supply of the top 5 might increase if many beginning students decide to major in those fields. That increased supply will lower the salaries and those degrees will become less desirable.

Do any of my students know if SAC has a Medical Assisting degree and how well those graduates do with it?


Aaron Duncan said...

Nice Job...but I think that colleges should provide students with statistics showing the job placement for degree holders from their institute

Cyril Morong said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

I think you're right. If you are a student and you ask a school for that information and they can't give it to you, then look for another school.