Friday, October 14, 2011

Was Steve Jobs A Hero?

I provide some thoughts and links below, but first, a brief commercial message:

If you understand the title of this blog, you know I that I think that Jobs was a hero.

The NY Times recently said that Steve Jobs isn't particularly heroic

They had an interesting article about teaching character in schools but they had the following passage:
"The CARE program falls firmly on the "moral character" side of the divide, while the seven strengths that Randolph and Levin have chosen for their schools lean much more heavily toward performance character: while they do have a moral component, strengths like zest, optimism, social intelligence and curiosity aren't particularly heroic; they make you think of Steve Jobs or Bill Clinton more than the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. or Gandhi"

See "What if the Secret to Success Is Failure?"

Here is an article which says Jobs was a hero:

Why Steve Jobs is my hero by Sunil Sethi

Here is an article which says Jobs was not a hero:

Jobs no hero to working class by Harold Meyerson

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