Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's In A Name? Money? Success?

See Easy To Pronounce Names Help Win Friends And Influence People by Catharine Paddock, PhD, in Medical News Today. Excerpts:

"...having a name that is easy to pronounce appears to confer a subtle advantage."

"Lead author of the study, Dr Simon Laham from the University of Melbourne in Australia told the press last week that people are often not aware of subtle biases when they make decisions and choices. He and his colleagues write about their findings in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology."

"In particular they found that:

  • Candidates with more pronounceable names were more likely to be be favoured for job promotion and political office.

  • In a mock ballot, political candidates whose names were easier to pronounce were more likely to win than counterparts whose names were not so easy to say.

  • Attorneys with easy to pronounce names ascended more quickly to senior positions in their firms."

  • by Catharine Paddock PhD in Medical News Today

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