Sunday, September 23, 2012

Are "Soft" Skills Related To Unemployment?

See Hard Unemployment Truths About 'Soft' Skills by NICK SCHULZ in the WSJ. Excerpts:

"One of the [manufacturing] representatives looked sheepishly around the room and responded: "To be perfectly honest . . . we have a hard time finding people [workers] who can pass the drug test."

"... simply finding someone who could properly answer the telephone was sometimes a challenge."

"More than 600,000 jobs in manufacturing went unfilled in 2011 due to a skills shortage,..."

"...evidence suggests that many employers would be happy just to find job applicants who have the sort of "soft" skills that used to be almost taken for granted."

"...nearly 20% of employers cited a lack of soft skills as a key reason they couldn't hire needed employees. "Interpersonal skills and enthusiasm/motivation" were among the most commonly identified soft skills that employers found lacking. Employers also mention a lack of elementary command of the English language."

"More than half of the organizations surveyed reported that simple grammar and spelling were the top "basic" skills among older workers that are not readily present among younger workers. The SHRM/AARP survey also found that "professionalism" or "work ethic" is the top "applied" skill that younger workers lack."

"...manufacturers were finding it harder to find punctual, reliable workers today than in 2007..."

"Many people lack what the writer R.R. Reno has called "forms of social discipline" that are indispensable components of a person's human capital and that are needed for economic success."

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