Friday, October 26, 2012

Wow, The World Series Sure Is Expensive-It Costs $140 . . . Just To Park!

See Better bring a lot when parking at World Series. Excerpt:
"The San Francisco Giants have been among the industry leaders in "dynamic pricing" of tickets, basing certain games' ticket values on market forces. Across the street from AT&T Park, a valet parking stand has certainly taken that concept to a higher level for the World Series. At MoMo's, a restaurant at 2nd and King streets near the ballpark's entrance, valet prices reached what season-ticket holders said was a new high -- $90 for a compact car, $100 for a standard size and $130 for a large truck or SUV. "It is gouging," said John Byun of Los Angeles, moments after forking over $140 (a hidden $10 fee not included on the sign) to park his Lexus SUV. "But it's the World Series. Whatever the price is, you have to pay."
A World Series game will probably have the greatest demand of any games a team plays in a year. But if the number of parking spots is fixed, the price will naturally rise alot. Now maybe people could open up their driveways for fans to park in, but I don't know the neighborhood and there may not be any driveways available. And city zoning ordinances could prohihit that kind of thing. So it could be impossible for the quantity supplied of parking slots to increase.

If the city outlawed higher prices than normal for such events, then they would go to whomever shows up first. People would show up several hours ahead of time and then have to find something to do. Maybe the ball park might not even be opened yet. Some people might have to leave work even earlier than they planned. So it could result in some inefficiencies.

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