Monday, February 25, 2013

Do Oscar Nominations Mean Money At The Box Office?

See Best Picture Contenders Earn Over $300 Million After Nominations. Excerpt:
"Much more so than in past years, the 2012 Best Picture Oscar contenders have collectively put up strong box office numbers in the six weeks since nominations were announced.

From nomination day (January 10th) through the Thursday before Oscars (February 21), the nine Best Picture nominees have grossed over $305 million at the domestic box office. That's a new record ahead of 1997's $260.9 million in the post-nomination, pre-awards period (over half of which came from Titanic).

There are a handful of factors that help explain this phenomenon, many of which simply have to do with scheduling. This year the nominations were announced earlier, giving a full 12 days more in the post-nomination, pre-awards period than there was the last two years. Also, seven of the nine Best Picture nominees opened in November or December, which is noticeably more than the five from 2010/2011 and the four from 2009. Finally, this is only the fourth year in the modern era in which there were more than five Best Picture nominees, which gives 2012 a major advantage."
I had a similar post last year. See What’s an Oscar Really Worth? One thing the article I quoted said was: "Oscar winners bring in 7.6 percent higher box office return on average than nominees that don’t win."

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