Monday, April 22, 2013

Students: Would You Like A Free College Education And Stipends Of $990 A Month For Six Years?

See Danes Rethink a Welfare State Ample to a Fault by SUZANNE DALEY of The New York Times. Even some liberal or left-wing politicians think the government has been too generous. Excerpt:
"Students are next up for cutbacks, most intended to get them in the work force faster. Currently, students are entitled to six years of stipends, about $990 a month, to complete a five-year degree which, of course, is free. Many of them take even longer to finish, taking breaks to travel and for internships before and during their studies."
There is even a man known as “Lazy Robert”
"Robert Nielsen, 45, made headlines last September when he was interviewed on television, admitting that he had basically been on welfare since 2001.

Mr. Nielsen said he was able-bodied but had no intention of taking a demeaning job, like working at a fast-food restaurant. He made do quite well on welfare, he said. He even owns his own co-op apartment.
Unlike Carina, who will no longer give interviews, Mr. Nielsen, called “Lazy Robert” by the news media, seems to be enjoying the attention. He says that he is greeted warmly on the street all the time. “Luckily, I am born and live in Denmark, where the government is willing to support my life,” he said"


Anonymous said...

Quite interesting, it would appear that they should have an exemplary educated workforce under the terms. No obligation to pay debt back.....perhaps that may disincentivize people to feel pressured to go to work as soon as possible after graduation.....ceteris paribus

Cyril Morong said...

You might be right about incentives. Thanks for dropping by and commenting