Thursday, May 11, 2017

Interesting New Book On Trade And Tariffs By Marc-William Palen

See The 'Conspiracy' of Free Trade: The Anglo-American Struggle over Empire and Economic Globalisation, 1846-1896. Here is the Amazon description:

"Following the Second World War, the United States would become the leading 'neoliberal' proponent of international trade liberalization. Yet for nearly a century before, American foreign trade policy was dominated by extreme economic nationalism. What brought about this pronounced ideological, political, and economic about-face? How did it affect Anglo-American imperialism? What were the repercussions for the global capitalist order? In answering these questions, The 'Conspiracy' of Free Trade offers the first detailed account of the controversial Anglo-American struggle over empire and economic globalization in the mid- to late-nineteenth century. The book reinterprets Anglo-American imperialism through the global interplay between Victorian free-trade cosmopolitanism and economic nationalism, uncovering how imperial expansion and economic integration were mired in political and ideological conflict. Beginning in the 1840s, this conspiratorial struggle over political economy would rip apart the Republican Party, reshape the Democratic Party, and redirect Anglo-American imperial expansion for decades to come."

Here is the author's bio

"Dr. Marc-William Palen is a historian at the University of Exeter. He specialises in the intersection of British and American imperialism within the broader history of globalisation since c. 1800. His commentary on historical and contemporary global affairs has appeared in the New York Times, the Australian, History Today, Time Magazine, Newsweek, the Globalist Magazine, the History News Network, History & Policy, Foreign Policy in Focus, and Common Dreams, among others. He is co-founder of History & Policy's Global Economics and History Forum. He is also the founding editor of the Imperial & Global Forum, the blog of the Centre for Imperial & Global History at the University of Exeter. You can follow him on Twitter @MWPalen"

Dr. Palen is from San Antonio. Here is a related post from a few months ago:

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