Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Can You Find Virtue by Investing in Vice?

A recent article by Will Deener of The Dallas Morning News called
Vice Fund: The wages of sin? reports on the "Vice Fund"

"which celebrated its fourth anniversary on Aug. 30, invests in casino stocks and in companies that make liquor, tobacco and bombs. It has beaten the Standard & Poor's 500 index in each of the past three years and is on track to do it again this year, with a 10 percent gallop so far in 2006, compared with a 5 percent gain for the S&P."

So, is it okay to get rich this way? There are some funds that intentionally invest in "socially responsible" companies that work to protect the environment, treat their workers well and avoid "vice."

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champ said...


I am starting to believe that I'm a Capitalist. so therefore, I guess it is okay to get rich as you please so long as it is legal. I'm not sure what kind of world this would be without Vice.