Thursday, November 02, 2006

Return of the Love Headhunters

Saw an interesting article on Netscape's offbeat news called Disillusioned online daters turn to matchmakers. Here is the beginning of the article:

"Online daters, disappointed by potential partners lying about their age, weight or marital status, are turning to professional matchmakers to find love. Rather than risk taking pot luck online, chief executives, entertainers and politicians are among those paying thousands of dollars to matchmakers to discreetly "headhunt" and vet the perfect partner."

In some cases the fee is as high as $25,000. Besides saying that there is a market for "love," another interesting economic angle might be that by paying a very large fee you are sending a signal to potential mates that you are serious. It is possible that only very serious prospects would pay so much.


champ said...

I would like to think that any one that would pay over $1,000 would have to be serious about this. This matchmaker thing is good in some perspectives, but not others. Whatever happened to the traditional way of finding a date?

On top of that, why would you pay someone when MySpace is free!!!

Cyril Morong said...