Thursday, March 08, 2007

Starbucks's, India Style

A woman in India wants to start a chain of coffee shops called Starstruck's. Starbucks is trying to stop it. This is similar to an issue that came up in my macroeconomics class. We read a chapter in the book The Economics of Macroissues that stated that China often does not enforce patent and copyright laws. If a country does not enforce such laws it might reduce investment by foreign companies. You can read the story here.


Cyril Morong said...

I deleted a comment from someone who has a website with links to other blogs. This person was basically using my blog to advertise their business. Please don't do this

Carl said...

If countries such as India want to participate in the world economy, they must play by the rules the world has developed to protect the investments of all corporations or be prepared to pay the price of decreased investment and growth. It is only fair.