Friday, February 27, 2009

Dim economy drives women to donate eggs for profit

That is the title of the article. Go to Dim economy drives women to donate eggs for profit. Increases in "donations" may not be totally due to the economy, but some stats show that they are rising rapidly:

""We are seeing an increase in inquiries, but we're not sure if it's due to the economy or increased awareness," said Dr. Susan Willman, a reproductive endocrinologist at the Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area. In July 2007, the Reproductive Science Center received 120 calls inquiring about egg donation. This year, that number jumped to 158 calls.""


""We are so inundated right now," said Robin von Halle, president of Alternative Reproductive Resources.

Von Halle said that 30 to 50 inquiries a day from potential donors come in to her Chicago, Illinois, agency, which connects would-be parents with donors and surrogates. A year ago, it would have been 10 to 30, she said."


""I think there is a spike more for financial reasons," said Mahshid Albrecht, manager of Donor Services at the Reproductive Science Center. "But is that the only reason? Probably not."

An egg donor is typically compensated between $5,000 and $10,000. Experts say that although most women donate out of desire to help infertile couples, the financial allure is real."

So it is not just a donation. But not all women are accepted to "donate" and it is not an easy process, as the article explains.

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