Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dave Brubeck, Economist

Okay, he isn't an economist. But he is one of my favorite musicians and composers. He did say something related to economics, though, in a recent Wall Street Journal article. See Ranching's Loss, Jazz's Gain. Brubeck has been in the news lately because he celebrated his 90th birthday on Monday, Dec. 6. Here is the quote:

"Mr. Brubeck also has taken heat for prospering in a profession that isn't supposed to pay well. "It never has," he responded dryly. "My wife Iola and I were always very careful with our money. When I started out, Joe the butcher in our San Francisco neighborhood would ask me weekly if I wanted beef bones for our dog. He knew we didn't have a dog. I'd take them to make soup. I'd also go to the farmer's market to pick up discarded fruits and vegetables. We saved every penny.""

Here are some links so you can watch and hear some of his music performed:

Take Five

Blue Rondo à la Turk

The saxophonist is Paul Desmond. Eugene Wright on base and Joe Morello on drums.

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