Sunday, April 03, 2011

North Dakota Is Number One!

See Why North Dakota May Be the Best State in the Country to Live In. The state has the lowest unemployment rate (3.8%), in 2009 had the third highest GDP growth rate, the fourth lowest crime rate and the state government has a budget surplus. Why?
"North Dakota's economic good fortune is pretty much a function of being a major producer of two very in-demand commodities: wheat and oil, both of which have seen huge global price increases. The state is the country's #1 producer of durum wheat -- that's what pasta is made from -- and is also a major grower of other crops including barley, pinto beans, and flaxseed."
But if people really believe that North Dakota is the best state and many of them go there, things won't be very fun due to the crowds (which reminds me of something that Yogi Berra said about a restaurant: "nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded").

Prices of everything will be bid up. This also illustrates what economist Steven Landsburg calls the "Indifference Principle." "Except when people have unusual tastes or unusual talents, all activities must be equally desirable."

This applies to North Dakota. Once everyone sees it as a good deal, they start going there. Only people with unusual tastes will really enjoy it. That is, you will have to like what that North Dakota has to offer alot more than the average person or the crowds and congestion will erode your enjoyment. It won't be any better than anywhere else to live. Other places will be just as desirable.

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