Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Professors Donate More Money To Obama 8.33 to 1

This is from an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education called
Donors From Academe Favor Obama by a Wide Margin
. You will probably need a subscription to read this but SAC students might be able to read it by going through our library page. Here are some excerpts:

"Through the end of last month, donors from academe had contributed just over $12.2-million to Mr. Obama, compared with just over $1.5-million to Mr. McCain..." (12.2/1.5 = 8.33)

"...studies and polls have shown that faculty members and college presidents are more likely to be registered Democrats."

"In 2000, donors from academe actually gave slightly more to George W. Bush, than they gave to Al Gore. That had changed by 2004, when educators contributed close to four times as much to John Kerry, the Democratic nominee, as to Mr. Bush. And the spread has continued to widen."

"Many donors and political scholars say Mr. Obama has become the heavy favorite among academe for two key reasons. First, many college employees are disenchanted with President Bush and the Republican administration's record on such issues as the war in Iraq, international relations, and government surveillance of private citizens. Their dissatisfaction contributes to a desire among many educators to put a new political party in the White House."

I had a similar post two years ago called Are College Professors Liberal?

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