Sunday, October 19, 2008

Want A Car That Gets 64 Miles Per Gallon?

The price of gas is coming down, but it would be foolish to think it will stay low for very long. So who makes this car and when can you get it?

"Next month in Britain, Ford Motor Co. will begin selling a diesel hatchback that gets 64 miles per gallon. Across the channel, Parisians can buy a new gas-powered compact made by General Motors Corp. that gets a nifty 47 mpg.

On these shores, neither carmaker sells anything that thrifty. Yet with Americans clamoring for fuel-efficient cars and Detroit automakers on the ropes thanks to crashing sales of gas-guzzling trucks, the question is, why aren't these vehicles here now?"

To find out why go to U.S. carmakers' renewal means vast retooling.


Anonymous said...

so, why don't you think the prices of gas will not stay low for a while?

Cyril Morong said...

Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog.

If we are in a recession, it won't last forever. China and India are still growing, so alot more people will want to drive. There are going to be lots of pressures on demand, which will keep increasing in the long run. You may not need a car that gets 64 mpg, but the big mistake would be going back to something that gets less than 20 or 15, like SUVs.