Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You: Night Of The Living Shopping Zombies!

See Making Ads That Whisper to the Brain from this past Sunday's New York Times. Here is the opening:

"WHAT happens in our brains when we watch a compelling TV commercial? For one thing, certain brain waves that correlate with heightened attention become more active, according to researchers who have used EEGs, or electroencephalographs, to study the brain’s electrical frequencies."

"Neuromarketers" are studying what happens to people's brains when they look at ads and watch commercials to see how they react unconciously. This will allow them to find out what we all really like, deep down. It is hard for us to express in words our unconcious desires. Now the companies will be better able to figure out what we like. Will this make us all happier? Who knows. Maybe companies will make less of what we don't want and more of what we really do want.

The article goes on to ask:

"But should we worry that a technique that probes subconscious brain patterns might be used to unduly influence consumers, turning them into shopping robots without their knowledge and consent?"

Some feel that neuromarketing should be regulated to prevent "brand washing." Other experts think that neuromarketing may not be that affective and will not turn us into shopping zombies.

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