Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Good Spanish Blog On Economics By Noé Hernández Cortez

Noé Hernández Cortez is a professor at Universidad del Valle de México, Campus Coyoacá. Here is the link to his blog: Noehernandezcortez's Blog. A recent entry dealt with the "2010 Human Development Index." To read a traslation of that entry (translated by google), click on this link: 2010 Human Development Index.

The index takes into account life expectancy, education and gross national income per person. The top ten countries were:

1. Norway 0.938
2. Australia 0.937
3. New Zealand 0.907
4. United States 0.902
5. Ireland 0.895
6. Liechtenstein 0.891
7. Netherlands 0.890
8. Canada 0.888
9. Sweden 0.885
10. Germany 0.885

To read the Wikipedia article on this go to Human Development Index.

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