Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Broncos to debut beer-pouring robot at upcoming game

By Matt Birch of The Sports Daily. They have a short video showing how it works. Excerpt:

"Apparently, the team will be using a robot known as the Bud Light Bot to pour beer for fans located in the stadium’s United Club East level. The robot will pick up the cup and hold it over a bottoms-up machine that will dispense the beer"

In my macroeconomics class, we talk about the types of unemployment. Here is one of them:

Structural-unemployment caused by a mismatch between the skills of job seekers and the requirements of available jobs. One example of this is when you are replaced by a machine.

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Anonymous said...

this is quite interesting when it comes to pouring beer. That doesn't seem like a very profitable job, unless we are including tips that come with pouring a glass of beer. I think people will actually benefit from robots that pour beers, because they can increase their skills in other places.

Cyril Morong said...

Right, one of the links says that automation can actually create more jobs