Sunday, August 16, 2020

Is Covid causing some structural unemployment? (Part 2)

See Hotel Robots Get Second Life as Industry Adapts to Covid-19: Bots like Relay, produced by a Google Ventures-backed company, cut down on unsafe interactions by Will Parker of The WSJ. Excerpts:

"Hoteliers and robotics companies say delivery bots like Relay, produced by the Google Ventures-backed Savioke Inc., are cutting down on potentially unsafe interactions between hotel staff and room guests, by offering contactless room service. And cleaning robots, like Maidbot’s Rosie, are vacuuming hallway floors while cleaning crews spend more time than ever sanitizing rooms."

"Requests for delivery robots from the hospitality sector have doubled since the pandemic began"

"Savioke is now finishing work on a new robot that is two times as large as the pint-size Relay, to accommodate the larger items hotels want to send up to their guests, such as king-size pillows."

"The use of robots in the hotel industry has concerned some that these machines could eventually be used to replace employees. Many U.S. hotels have reduced staff during the pandemic, and although hotel operators and robotics companies insist robots help rather than reduce staff, robots could limit how much extra labor hotels bring on to meet new sanitation demands."

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