Sunday, February 25, 2007

Colleges punish illegal downloaders

Are these students getting what they deserve? You can leave comments anonymously. Here are some excerpts from the article

"For students who are caught, punishments can vary from e-mail warnings to semester-long suspensions from classes."

Students caught twice are forced "to watch an eight-minute anti-piracy DVD produced by the RIAA."

"Under federal law, universities that receive complaints about students illegally distributing copyrighted songs generally must act to stop repeat offenders or else the schools can be sued."

You can read more about this here and here and here and here


Unknown said...

this is overrated, if there was something that could be done to stop it, it would have happened before now. Always some type of loophole.

Mother of 5 said...

Overrated??? Where is the line between right and wrong? What's the difference between downloading and shoplifting?? This is the reason why our children don't understand the difference between "right" and "wrong" because our society turns a blind eye to the "grey areas" of this world..

When our society begins to think that petty crime (yes, I said CRIME)is no big deal, then we have lost our sense of integrity.

What is integrity? Integrity is what you do when you think no one is looking... That is something they teach in kindergarden.

Unknown said...

Mother of 5,

you have to be kidding me. You convey the world as it should be, I tell it like it is. Right or Wrong, who's to say who or what is right or wrong? Law makers have people like you programmed to the way of life that they think is cool for you. And you accept it, and ask no questions like a yes man.
Evil men and women alike should be behind bars, but if downloading is such a problem, why won't lawmakers enforce harsher consequences or pass laws such as "people will go to jail for the crime of downloading". If anyone goes into the grocery store and take a piece of gum with out paying for it, they go to jail, now how petty is that. Some kid or grown up downloads everything in the last ten years in one night and they wake up and go about normal life like the day before.

You sound like a saint, but I'm sure you have compromised your own integrity sometime in your lifetime.
For the record, I don't need to be briefed on Integrity, I've had it pounded in my head for years now, I guess one more won't hurt.

You take it easy, now.

Mother of 5 said...

Champ, your comments make no sense, obviously these comments are not made by a mature, responsible adult.

Laws are in place to instill and encourage appropriate behavior. Laws are there to protect individuals and their property. Remember the topic.... Piracy... Illegally down-loading it STEALING..

Unknown said...

Mother of 5,

It's not that my comments don't make any sense. If they didn't you would not be able to comprehend them. You just refuse to accept the truth. I aspire to be a great film director and I never said that I agree with piracy. But, Just because I don't agree with it, does not mean it is not going to happen.
Like I said a comment before, I tell life the way it is, instead of how it should be. Most people can't accept that. That's just the way it is and I live with it.