Tuesday, February 20, 2007


The first annual HERO'S JOURNEY ENTREPRENEURSHIP FESTIVAL will be held on March 31 at Pepperdine University. It has been organized by Dr. Elliot McGucken. Here is a description of the day-long event:

"The Hero's Journey Entrepreneurship Festival seeks to give students, artists, and entrepreneurs the tools to make their passions their professions--to protect and profit from their ideas--to take ownership in their careers and creations. For Adam Smith's invisible hand enriches all when happiness is pursued by artists and innovators--society's natural founts of wealth."

There will be several talks and panel discussions. I might be there and give a talk (but that is still being worked on). This festival gets at Why this blog is called The Dangerous Economist. For more information go to The Relationship Between Economics and Mythology


Champ said...

Thank God you're finally back. This Hero's Festival sounds quite interesting. I would like to go with you if you're going to speak. That would be really nice.

Anonymous said...

I read your paper "The Calling" of the Entrepreneur and I agree that Entrepreneurs are brave individuals who make great sacrifices to push their ideas into the market place, but it sounds as if they are the lone rangers doing all this by themselves. I wonder if the truly mythical entrepreneurs combine both the ability to bring new ideas to market, and are great leaders. Few can be successful in the market without leadership skills also of mythical proportions (Steve Jobs comes to mind). I wonder if the ability to understand people and make them happy and thus productive is as important as any great idea?

Cyril Morong said...
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Cyril Morong said...

I just noticed your comment. Yes, I agree that leadership and understanding people is important. Just having a great idea is never enough. Thanks for reading my article.