Friday, February 23, 2007

Does Money Make You Mean?

Go to Does Money Make You Mean? to see the article. Here is the intro:

"We all know that money can't buy love or happiness. But could just thinking about money actually make you mean?

A new behavioral study finds that folks with money on their minds are less helpful, less considerate and less willing to ask for assistance or engage with others than those who have not been preconditioned to money. On the bright side, the money-minded tend to be more independent and focused and they tend to work longer on a task before asking for help."

If any of my students get a chance, let me know what you think of this issue.


Unknown said...

I wouldn't say that money makes people mean. I really do think that it makes most of us indifferent. When we have the object of money on our side, there is little we have to put up with from other people. I think it puts most people in a state of mind of not worrying too much about what anybody has to say, especially in a negative way. People with money are also inclined to give strong opinions.

Mother of 5 said...

As someone who works in the banking field, I would not say money makes you mean. I feel that money, whether you have it, monitor it, lend it or save it makes individuals cautious and skeptical. I have seen folks who spend like their is no tomorrow and end up broke. I have seen millionaires who count their pennies and will fight to save a dollar. I have seen underwriters so cautious, they lose business.

The balance to avoiding "money madness", we should be cautious of our money and be cautious in our actions with our money.